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Sound Anchor stands seem expensive when compared with other stands why should I purchase Sound Anchor stands over another stand?
There are several reasons for you to choose Sound Anchor stands over any other stands on the market. Most stands are generic in nature (one stand fits all). These stands may be the correct height but they may not fit your speakers properly and do not address performance in the way that a Sound Anchor stand does. Sound Anchor Stands are custom designed and hand crafted to fit your speaker. Most of our stands are prefilled and damped to optimize performance. If you consider that you will probably be keeping your speakers for a long time it does not make sense to place them on stands that will not deliver all of the performance that you paid for. If you take the added performance that you will get with Sound Anchors and spread the cost over the number of years that you will own your speakers I think that you will understand why it makes sense to spend a few extra dollars and purchase Sound Anchor stands.
I am thinking of purchasing custom Sound Anchor stands for my speakers. How long does it take to make my stands?
The normal build time for custom Sound Anchor stands is between 2 and 3 weeks. The actual build time depends on the workload in our shop and the complexity of your project.
Do I need to install the spikes on my Sound Anchor stands?
Spikes are an important functional feature of Sound Anchor stands. They have four main functions:
  1. Spikes penetrate carpet and provide needed stability. 
  2. Spikes mass load the system.
  3. Spikes make it possible to level the system.
  4. Spikes elevate the speaker stand above the carpet which prevents the stands from crushing the carpet and leaving a permanent record of where your stand has been.
Do Sound Anchors stands include anything to protect my hardwood floors from the included spikes?
Sound Anchor stands do not include anything to protect your floors from spikes but we do sell an accessory that will protect your floors and improve the sound of your speakers.
Why doesn't Sound Anchors include floor protection with their stands?
Sound Anchors does not include floor protection with their stands because most who purchase Sound Anchors have carpeted floors. Since most customers do not need it we do not include it.
Will the sound of my system be degraded if I don't install spikes on my Sound Anchor stands?
The sound will not necessarily be degraded but you will not get all of the performance that is available with spikes.
Does Sound Anchors sell replacement spikes for my stands?
Replacement spikes can be purchased from Sound Anchors. Simply give us a call and we will send some to you.
Do I need to use the bluedot sorbothane pads that came with my Sound Anchor stands?
We highly recommend that you use the bluedots that came with your stand between your speaker and your stand.
Does Sound Anchors sell bluedots as replacements or for use with other audio applications?
You may purchase bluedots direct from Sound Anchors.
Do Sound Anchor stands come in any color other than black?
Sound Anchors currently only produces black stands. We can provide our stands with a black primer finish that will allow you to take them to someone in your area to have been painted the color of your choice. Sound Anchors is not responsible for the end results if you choose to do this.
I have a pair stands that were not made by Sound Anchors. Can sound anchors provide me with replacement parts for my stand?
Sound Anchors does not sell parts for any stands that were not made by Sound Anchors.
Does Sound Anchors provide touchup paint for its speaker stands?
Sound Anchor stands are finished using a special four step process. We cannot provide you with touchup paint that will give you the same results as we get here at the factory. We do however have a simple procedure for touching up Sound Anchor stands using products that are readily available in your area. These procedures can be found on our support page. If your stands need a complete repaint they can be sent back to the factory in original packaging at customer expense and they will be sandblasted to bare metal and placed into the assembly line for an original finish. This procedure tends to be cost prohibitive.
I no longer have the cartons for my Sound Anchor stands and would like to ship them to someone in another city. Can I purchase cartons for my stands from Sound Anchors?
The answer to this question is maybe. Give us a call and we will see if we have cartons for your particular stand. If not you will need to use one of the pack and ship companies to send your stands.
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