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Kef LS50

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Sound Anchors manufactures 6 different models of monitor stands that can be configured to work with the Kef LS50 loudspeaker. All 6 models are designed to provide the highest level of performance at their respective price points —ranging from our entry level Single Post Stands to our over the top Signature 4 Post Stands.
All of the stands are hand made by skilled craftsmen in Palm Bay Florida USA . All use one piece all welded steel construction except for our adjustable stands whose 4 parts are held together with grade 8 high strength bolts. Every Sound Anchor Monitor stand is shipped pre-filled and internally damped to eliminate resonance induced vibration and add stabilizing mass. All LS50 stands are supplied with our specially formulated Blue Dot Sorbothane pads to ensure the proper speaker to stand interface. Heavy duty 3/8-16 carpet piercing spikes are included with all Sound Anchor Stands. Special “CONECOASTER” padded stainless steel floor protectors and short spikes are available as a cost plus option


Perfect stand for anyone setting up a value based system using the KEF LS50 loudspeakers. These stands offer Sound Anchor hi-performance and massive look at a surprisingly low price. You will be surprised to hear how much better your speakers will sound on these stands. Sound Anchors Single Post Stands are available in custom heights between 22” and 32”


The music lovers stand. The Sound Anchor 3 post stand offers the best price to performance ratio for your LS50s. These stands will allow you to hear every note that your speaker produces with clarity and definition. Near reference performance for less money than a 4 Post stand. Available in heights between 22” and 32”


Reference performance from an Adjustable stand with a platform sized specifically for your LS50 loudspeakers. It's super solid and offers adjustable height and tilt. This stand is in use in hundreds of award winning studios that produce the music that you listen to, movies and television that you watch. Sound Anchor ADJH stands are your best choice if you have a difficult speaker placement issue or just want the ultimate flexibility for set-up this is the stand for you. The ADJH is available in 6” to 32” and 6” to 44” height ranges


Do you want reference performance and a balanced look for your LS50 loudspeakers? This stand will allow you to hear all the subtle differences in your components and cables. If you want to hear the very best that your LS50s have for you this is your stand. If you play your system to earsplitting volume levels you will not here any stand induced distortion. These stands are also a perfect choice if you are using expensive components and cables. It is available in heights between 22” and 32”.


If you want the same true reference performance of our 4 post but like the looks of a three post stand the Sound Anchor Three Post Signature Stand is for you .This stand looks way cool under your LS50 and will let you hear all the subtle differences in your components and cables. Available in heights between 22” and 32”


Absolutely over the top reference performance and a super bold look for your LS50 loudspeakers. This is our best monitor stand period. It will outperform any other stand on the market today. Available in heights between 22” and 32”
Do You Need Conecoasters?
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