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Sound Anchor ADJH Stands make proper speaker placement possible. When your speakers are positioned properly on rigid stable stands at the correct height they work better period. The entire sound field will have more clarity, tones will be more accurate, dynamic contrasts will be greater and subtle anomalies in the music will become more apparent.

The Sound Anchors ADJH stands were initially designed for the recording studio where the engineer needs to correctly position his monitors behind his console. There are also many applications in the home where the audiophile may want to be able to adjust the height or tilt of his speakers. These stands are for this audiophile. The 14" x 17" bases and the uprights are filled and damped from the factory. ADJH stands offer a very rigid, heavy and stable support for your speakers. The speaker platforms on the ADJH stands are made of 1/4" thick aluminum which helps to reduce the amount of energy that gets transferred into the steel stand.

From a performance standpoint these stands are simply awesome. Countless Grammys, Oscars and Emmys have been recorded using speakers placed on the studio version of these stands. The key advantage that the ADJH stands possess that all fixed height stands do not is adjustability. The Sound Anchor 4 Post monitor offers a very slight performance advantage but only if you get the height absolutely right and you do not need to tilt the speakers. We get calls all of the time from customers who agonize over which height of stand to purchase. This is the hi-performance stand for them.

Sound Anchor ADJH stands are ideal for:

1. Audiophiles who change speakers regularly.

2. Systems where the speaker tilt needs to be adjusted.

3. Systems that require hi-performance speaker stands more than 36" tall.

4. Home theater sides and rears.

5. Situations where furniture gets in the way of your speakers.

6. Audiophiles who like to tinker

7. Speaker reviewers.

Heights: The ADJH is available with 32" uprights as standard. 44" and 56" uprights are available as options.

Speaker Platform Sizes: 10" X 14" (default size) or 10" X 12" as an option. Custom sizes are available as a cost + option.

Sound Anchor ADJH Adjustable Speaker Stands are hand crafted in the USA. They are made of large section square steel tubing and aluminum plate. Sound Anchor ADJH stands have a welded construction which makes them strong, rigid and stable. They are spiked at the floor to anchor your monitors in space. Special Sorbothane pads are provided for use between the speaker and stand. Sound Anchors ADJH Adjustable Monitor Stands are pre-filled using our special proprietary methods and materials to eliminate resonance and add mass. These features give Sound Anchor ADJH Stands the highest level of performance. Sound Anchor ADJ1 Professional Adjustable Stands are found in many of the world's leading studios.
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