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Sound Anchor Wall Mounts are made for those situations where for some reason floor stands will not work. They are designed to allow the engineer to mount a pair of monitors on his wall. These mounts allow tilt and pan adjustment of the monitors. Sound Anchor Wall mounts are a very solid and stable mounting solution for your speakers.

They are designed to work with any monitor up to 100 pounds with base dimensions of 20" wide x 17" deep or less. The speaker platform is made of 1/4" thick aluminum which reduces the amount of energy that gets transferred into the structure.

The tilt mechanism uses gravity against a positive stop so once the tilt is set it will not change. The platform has 2 pins in front that prevent the speaker from sliding forward.

Sound Anchor Wall mounts are ideally suited to:

1. Music studios
2. Radio and television broadcasting studios
3. Film post production
4. Video game production.
5. Online audio production.
6. Desk top Publishing.
7. Music Composition

The Sound Anchor wall mount requires a solidly constructed wall. They need to be mounted to a vertical structural support or solid wall. Before purchasing make sure that the structure is up to the task.
Sound Anchor WALL mounts are hand crafted in the USA. They are made of large 7 ga. square steel tubing, 3/8" steel bar and aluminum plate. The platforms are equipped with sorbathane pads to stick the speakers down and reduce energy transmission into the structure.

Sound Anchor Wall mounts have a heavy duty welded construction which makes them super strong. These features allow Sound Anchors wall mounts to provide the highest level of professional performance that can be had with a wall mounted system. They make a good mate to the Sound Anchor floor stands found which can be found in many of the world's leading studios. Sound Anchor wall mounts are the best solution if you need to suspend speakers from the wall in your high performance recording studio.
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