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Sound Anchor Four Post Component Stands are the best effort to date at providing a solid non resonant place on which to place audio components or anti resonant platforms. The Sound Anchor Component Stand will enhance the performance and looks of your electronics. It's high quality solid construction will ensure years of musical satisfaction.

Sound Anchors custom makes every component stand to order. Each stand is custom designed and built to fit the special support needs of your system. This stand can be configured with as few as 1 or as many as 6 openings. The usable height of the openings can be as little as 4" or as large as 20". Our standard internal width is 19 1/2" but we will make this stand any width that you want so that you can accommodate a large turntable, special isolation platform or larger than standard component. 16" is our standard depth but we will make this stand anywhere between 15" and 24" deep. If you want something special to support your special system we can make it for you.

Sound Anchor 4 Post Component Stands come pre-filled, tuned and sealed from our factory. We take great care to ensure that they look and sound better than any other component stands. All of our junctions are welded. All front facing welds are ground smooth and carefully hand finished. Sound Anchor 4 Post Component Stands use two cones in front and two adjustable spikes in the rear for leveling purposes. The standard finish for these stands is a neutral light textured black but custom finishes are available at extra cost.

Sound Anchor 4 Post Component Stands feature an open architecture that does not require the use of platforms. This open architecture provides free airflow around components for maximum cooling.
Components are placed so that the front feet of the component rest on the front cross member of the stand and the rear feet are supported by a slide bar. The slide bar is a cross member that fits between the front to back members of the stand. It may be placed where it is needed to support the rear feet of the component.
The open architecture of the Sound Anchor 4 Post Component Stand is a natural for the audiophile who likes to experiment with isolation platforms, cones or any other vibration control devices
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