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Plasma 1 Stand

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The Sound Anchor Plasma 1 Stand is an adjustable height adjustable tilt video stand for plasma or LCD monitors. It is ideal applications that require mounting a plasma or large LCD display in free space. It may be moved from one location to another on its casters.

Sound Anchor Adjustable Plasma Monitor Stands are available with 3 different size bases and uprights in heights from 24" to 80"
Sound Anchor Adjustable Plasma 1 Stands feature our REDMOUNT universal monitor mounts. These mounts can tilt up or down and can pan 60 degrees right or left. Plasma 1 stands can be fitted with center channel speaker platforms computer monitor mounts or extra plasma mounts.

The mounting rails that come with the SOUND ANCHOR REDMOUNTS will fit almost every plasma or large LCD on the market. They use a unique mounting method that allows monitors to be swapped out in seconds without tools.

Base Widths: 36" X 24", 42" X 26" or 48" X 28"

Uprights: 60", 72" or 80" optional 24", 32", 46"

Floor Interfaces: spikes, HD casters, Extra HD casters or leveling pads

Options: 14"x 10" speaker platform with 9 1/2" mounting arms, 25"x 10" platform with 9 1/2" mounting arms, small LCD mount, 2nd plasma mount.
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