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The Sound Anchor LCD Stand is the ultimate solution for supporting flat panel monitors and televisions in places where you do not have a column or wall for mounting.

The Sound Anchor LCD Stands feature continuous height adjustment. They are equipped with the Redmount Mounting System which allows your monitor to be tilted up or down and pan right or left. Sound Anchor LCD Stands are available in three sizes.

Sound Anchor LCD2 Stands are a larger version of the ADJ2. They are designed to support monitors from 12 to 38 inches. They have the same base and upright as the ADJ2-44 speaker stand. Base dimensions are 17" wide x 23" deep and the uprights are 44" tall. The entire stand is filled to add weight and enhance stability. The center of the Redmount Mounting System is can be adjusted to place the center of the monitor between 27" and 58" high or with the optional 56" uprights 68" It can be equipped with carpet piercing spikes, heavy duty casters or leveling pads.

The LCD2 can be equipped with a center speaker platform or a 9" monitor arm that allows the monitor to be extended over the console.

Base Dimensions: 14" X 17"

Upright Length: 44" standard 56" upright

Floor Interfaces: spikes, casters or leveling pads

Options: 56" uprights, center speaker platform, 9" monitor arm.

Sound Anchor LCD2 Stands are handcrafted in the USA. They are made of extra strong large section square steel tubing and heavy steel flat. REDMOUNT monitor mounts are made of aircraft aluminum and polished stainless steel. The stand finish is black with a light texture the REDMOUNTS are anodized. The supplied floor interface is spikes or leveling pads are also available as options.
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