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Project 3

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Sound Anchor Project 3 Stands make proper speaker placement possible. When monitors are positioned properly on rigid stable platforms they work better period. The entire sound field will have more clarity, tones will be more accurate, dynamic contrasts will be greater and subtle anomalies in the mix will become more apparent. The common solutions to placement (shelves and wall mounts) are not good solutions. They do not isolate your monitors from your electronics, your monitors from each other or your monitors from the structure. Along with these three drawbacks they seldom position your monitors exactly where they need to be for best sound.

Project Stands are our entry level professional studio stands. They are designed to give the semi pro or hobbyist audio recording engineer a cost effective high performance monitor stand for his studio. The Sound Anchor Project 3 is a fixed height stand. It is available in any height between 20" and 48". They have a three point easy to level 14" x 14" base. Many platform sizes are available.

Sound Anchor Project 3 stands are ideal for:

1. Home "project" studios.
2. Surround sound monitoring.
3. Radio and television broadcasting studios.
4. Video game production.
5. Online audio production.
6. Home theater rear channel.

Speaker Platform Sizes:

6" wide 6" - 14" deep, 8" wide 6" - 14" deep, 10" wide 6" - 14" deep, 12" wide 6", 8" or 10" deep, 14" wide 6", 8"; or 10" deep.

Sound Anchor Project 3 Speaker Stands are hand crafted in the USA. They are made of large section square steel tube rectangular steel tube and 1/4" steel plate. Sound Anchor Project 3 Stands have one piece all welded construction which makes them strong, rigid and stable. They are spiked at the floor to anchor your monitors in space. Special sorbathane pads are provided for use between the speaker and stand. Sound Anchors Project 3 Stands can be filled with sand, shot or kitty litter by the end user to reduce resonance and add mass. These features give Sound Anchors professional performance Sound Anchor Project 3 Monitor Stands are high value, performance tools for your recording studio.
Do You Need Conecoasters?
If you have hardwood or tile floors and are concerned about using the spikes that came with your Sound Anchor Speaker Stands fear no more these stainless steel disks will not only protect your floors they will also improve performance. Click here >
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